We have been ruled for the last decade by those that profess to support economic development, and in doing so, they have negatively impacted our quality of life. 


Restoring the vision of the Parker Mainstreet influence area architectural guidelines.

Change adopted Town development guidelines to control the excessive proliferation of commercial and high density residential development. Adopt policies supporting “controlled” growth.

Power Lines: If possible, revisit the resolution that was passed in favor of Xcel’s cheapest proposal, which leaves Parker bearing the brunt of economic and potential health impacts to build new developments in western Douglas County.

Re-establish a Parker Parks, Open Space, and Recreation Commission.

Establish a Land Conservancy Commission whose primary function is to preserve open space.

Stop the practice of giving commercial development extended tax breaks.  This affects the revenue for schools, water & sewer, county services,and emergency fire and medical services.  The end result is that the homeowner has to pay more to support those services or face a service reduction.

Re-establish the Land Marks/Historical Commission to preserve Parker’s heritage.