Working to Preserve Parker!

Over the last decade our quality of life has been   negatively impacted by policies that support excessive growth!

Thank you Parker Voters! I appreciate your support and will strive to serve Parker’s citizens and work towards the changes that I have proposed for our community! I am excited to represent you as we move towards the vision we have for Parker.

Saving the historical aspects of Parker requires involvement from all of us!

What do I want to accomplish?


Small Businesses:  I firmly believe that small businesses provide the heart to any community. We need to evaluate what can assist them and look at new commercial areas that assist small business and hopefully provide a historical architecture.


Professional Business Park: Parker needs to attract professional businesses, evaluate site designations and work with professional companies that may be interested in Parker.


Architectural Preservation:   I am committed to restoring the historic architectural guidelines for the Mainstreet corridor.

Master Plan:  I am committed to revising the master plan for the Town of Parker to address a managed growth approach.  The plan needs to both lower residential density and require developers to play a larger role in reducing the traffic and park impacts they create. Our current rate of growth has exceeded our infrastructure capabilities, we are already seeing transportation gridlocks.

Commercial Tax Breaks:  I am committed to eliminating extended tax breaks for commercial developers (25 years).  These tax breaks will result in the reduction of services such as schools, water and sewer, and emergency fire and medical or result in tax increases to residents.

Parks and Open Space:   
I am committed to creating parks and acquiring open space with a reallocation of existing revenue. Currently, no open space acquisition is planned.  Citizen oversight is needed to preserve the beauty of Parker.


Re-establish the Land Marks/Historical Commission: This Commission was dissolved in 2012!  The destruction of the historic Lewis Dairy Barn at Stroh and Parker Roads, is a prime example of the need for this commission to help preserve Parker's heritage!


I am dedicated to maintaining the quality of life and small town feel for Parker residents.  My focus is controlled growth, reduced tax burden on residents, improved infrastructure, and architectural control to maintain the unique charm of old town Parker and surrounding areas.

In the words of James Madison that are hung on our Town Hall, “The Ultimate Authority…Resides in the People Alone.”  It is time to take that authority and place it back in the hands of the people!


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Named after Charlie O'Brien