Poage for Mayor of Parker!

Poage for Mayor of Parker

Stepping Stones To Change!  Our community's greatest asset is its people and our community must act now to preserve our quality of life!

Over the last decade our quality of life has been   negatively impacted by policies that support excessive growth!

I am asking for your vote for change...not your financial contribution!

I am dedicated to maintaining the quality of life and small town feel for Parker residents.  My focus is controlled growth, reduced tax burden on residents, improved infrastructure, and architectural control to maintain the unique charm of old town Parker and surrounding areas.

In the words of James Madison that are hung on our Town Hall, “The Ultimate Authority…Resides in the People Alone.”  It is time to take that authority and place it back in the hands of the people!

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Named after Charlie O'Brien

 I am a "Stand Alone" candidate, which means that I am funding my own campaign, but would appreciate volunteer help in spreading the word about my candidacy.